the first 2 "grey" paintings: how they emerged from my "ANO kato" series / by Philip Tarlow

4:25 pm: i've been posting about my preoccupation with grey for days. this morning, i went to the space gallery site. i wanted to see what they were up to & get a feel, as i'll be showing there with 2 other artists this coming spring. the title of their upcoming show is BLACK! many of the paintings are black or dark grey, with subtle variations. so i must have tuned in.

grey 1 & 2, beloware the 2 painitngs i made today, taking the piece i began painting over yesterday, grey 1, further, and painting over another abstraction originally done about 2 years ago, grey 2.

BELOW: a detail of space gallery next to today's grey 1 and on row two, a detail of MOMA 2 next to today's Grey 2.

i made these selections to illustrate how this new evolving abstract grey series, is emerging from the "realist" ANO KATO series, which will be shown in a few weeks in Houston. the realist and abstract terminology, while convenient for reviewers and art historians, is at best a fragile distinction, in my opinion. 

the diverse, subtle greys in the two ano kato paintings i chose were an exciting aspect of my process, and spilled over into my current love affair with grey.

Is a molecule or an atom less "real" than the seemingly solid table made up of these particles?