yesterday in edwards / the crestone creamery / by Philip Tarlow

7:58 pm: this morning scott & don, owners of the newly opened crestone creamery, visited my studio, with the intention of finding paintings for the interior of their beautifully designed space. right now they sell mainly home made ice cream; some of the best we've ever had anywhere, and we've travelled extensively. we ended up, after a vibrant conversation at our house, selecting 3 paintings. because these paintings will be shipped to houston in the next week, this is a very short term loan. but we're already in discussion about a commission painting or paintings the imagery for which will be the crestone creamery filled with crestonians, viewed from above. i'm totally excited about this, as it's been a vision of mine for years to somehow paint the people of crestone. i thought they's be portraits, but this is SO much better!

a fox news reporter came to crestone from colorado springs to report on the opening of the crestone creamery, which is already changing the look and feel of crestone in an unexpected and refreshing way. john, the reporter, did a video interview with me about my life and work as a fine artist. he was one of the finest interviewers i've experienced. why? he's a great listener. i'll post the link when it becomes available. BELOW: photographs form this afternoon's adventure.

9:59 am: yesterday & the day before we were working with 3 classes of middle school kids in edwards. this will be ongoing through the school year, and we'll visit the 2 edwards schools about once every month. we don't yet have the clickable version of actionlab to give them, so we hand delivered a few activities form our extensive curriculum, and the kids really loved it. they can't wait to work with actionlab, which should be ready by the end of this month or very early november. here's a drawing one of the kids did.

i'll be deciding on images for my next series of paintings today. the parade series, which will now be called ANO KATO, is complete and i'm preparing to send all 22, selected by the gallery director, to houston in the coming week. it's a busy time. i'll tell you more later. right now gotta prepare for a studio visit by the owners of a cool new local ice cream/pizza restaurant who are looking for paintings for their walls. it's a beautifully designed space, and will add a lot to the tiny town of crestone. more later.....