coffee / moving closer to producing new work / first new painting after the ANO KATO series / by Philip Tarlow

1:55 pm: so i whipped into my studio and, after days of having visions of grey & not knowing what it meant, painted over an older abstract collage with shades of grey, punctuated by marks with a grey/black conté stick. i was trembling and my whole body was electric, moving speedily, thinking not.

that's it for today; let's see what tomorrow brings.

11:28 am

Today's coffee: a blend of the two Ethiopians and one Burundi you see in the jars, all home roasted within the past 48 hours, maintaining the high anti-oxident properties of the beans, which drops precipitously after 48 hours. 

I order the raw beans from After grinding them, they're placed in my moka pot and in a few minutes, the brew is ready. Unbelievable taste, which chages with each new blend. By the way, raw beans are about half the price of roasted beans.

the thermos is by zojirushi, and keeps the coffee very hot longer than any thermos we've tried.

in a while i'll head to the studio & see what happens. something's cooking....we'll see.......... received a call from the gallery in houston an hour ago, that the first tube has arrived. the first response was really enthusiastic. that means a lot to me, so thanks for the call harwood!