we've been in edwards, colorado / by Philip Tarlow

7:32PM update: 

i just updated the text of watch talk, in my 1/6/14 post.

we ate tonight at delite & bowl in the edwards river walk shopping area. it was excellent. easily misunderstood however because it's genuine asian cuisine, not juiced up with salt and sugar. so i'm going to write a yelp review as soon as i have a moment. i love to acknowledge excellence.

since yesterday, working with the kids at a middle school helping them create their projects using our actionlab360 platform, which is why there hasn't been any activity on my blog. sorry about that for those of who you are loyal visitors. we drive back tomorrow afternoon and the blog posts will begin again saturday. it's been extraordinary, as always, being with these oh-so-cool 11 and 12 years olds, & i'll have some great stories to relate. tomorrow, one of the kids who is a super-geek as well as a black belt is going to show me how to solve my iMovie 10 problem. probably in under 10 minutes!