1/4/14 a different kind of a day / by Philip Tarlow

3:21PM update: the drawing for parade 20 is complete., as you can see in the image on the right. i'll start transferring it to the canvas and may be able to begin painting as early as tomorrow. it's still pretty cold out there, but 22F feels warm after the highs in the low teens we've had over the past week. so mikela and i are off to take a walk. we'll only walk about a mile, but half of that is uphill, and all the studies show the unbelievable health benefits of exercising on a regular basis. when it's too cold to walk outdoors, we just go up & down our 15 stairs about 40x a day.

1:29 pm update:above: taken last winter as we were leaving for denver just before dawn, looking back towards crestone from highway 17. the temperature that morning was about -15F. crestone if dead center in the photo, just below the flat-ish 14,000 ft. peak. the valley floor is about 7,500 ft, and we're driving north, towards Salida and, about 200 miles away, denver.

i am making progress and have chased an image for parade 20, and will start working on the drawing. i also downloaded the video footage from our last vail/edmonds trip and am turning at (all 3+ hours) in to movie, which i'll then export as a quicktime to that mikela can work on editing it. we're preparing for our next trip to vail/edmonds on wednesday, so it was imperative that i get the footage off the mini sd card and onto several external drives for safe storage. i'm also in the process of cleaning up my studio, starting with the stacks of unfilled mail on my desk. not an artists favorite way to spend the day, but it must be done. more updates as they occur. sorry for the boring content of today's blog.....

10 am:today i'm biting the bullet and importing the 15GB of video we shot last month at a middle school near vail, colorado fro our actionlab360 project. it's a bit nerve wracking because iMovie 10 is so counter-intuitive and i'm always concerned about not somehow losing any of this irreplaceable footage, mostly of kids & their teachers engaged in preparing their projects for a mid may presentation.

at the same time, i'll be doing some way overdue cleanup in my studio, as well as selecting and preparing the next image to become parade 20. they tend to happen in waves, and right now i'm into the MOMA photos form above i shot several years ago. i'll update later.