my watch collection; a new addition/starting parade 23/coffee thoughts / by Philip Tarlow

3:28PM update: here's stage 2, and that's it for today. if i have the energy, i may start the process of attaching supports to the 48x48" stretcher bar so that i can stretch the linen and begin the drawing. now that i've progressed to these larger format paintings, i like the idea of lining up the next one & starting to think about it. 

2:29PM update: this is stage 1 of parade 23. it's an overcast, snowy day, but there's plenty of light to work, so i'll probably go for another hour or so before i stop for the day and move on to preparations for parade 24, which will be a 48x48" painting based upon another image shot from above at MOMA in 2008.

my average audience size:5  average page views: 22

this might not seem like much to you, but it has changed my life. so thanks for showing up.

i'm about to launch into the 60x60" parade 23, with fear, excitement & trepidation. naturally, i'll post pics as they become available.

yesterday i received a new addition to my watch collection: the isobrite T100-PU. if you look at the rest of my collection on row 2, you will see this is a departure, aesthetically. it's what they call a tactical watch, and if you look at some of the reviews, there are actually guys who are wearing this watch in the types of situations where such gear is appropriate. so here's what i love about it thus far:

it's very light on the wrist, as the case is polycarbonate; it has a sapphire crystal with double AR coating (AR=anti-reflective), which is virtually scratch proof; tritium-100 tubes provide unparalleled nighttime lume, making it possible to tell the time at night without my glasses, when i glance at it on my bedstand (most watches with tritium tubes have the much less bright T25 tubes); the battery will last 10 years, compared with the usual 2-4; it's water resistant to 200 meters, so i can wear it in the shower or when i swim; it's extremely accurate and it's kind of cool looking, with it's red winding stem and aggressive stance.

row 2 right, my collection-from left to right starting on the upper row:  a suunto core; a parnis panerai homage, with a custom hand made toad skin stone creek strap (the toads are eaten by indigenous south american tribes) ; a void; a luminox sxc, which will be worn by the captains of the first commercial space flight; a german dievas shadow; a dubey & schaldenbrand aerodyn duo with a custom abp crocodile strap; and a paris iwc homage with a custom dark gray ostrich leg strap. and on row 3: my beautiful, vintage 1992 swatch automatic with a custom gray buffalo strap, made in france.

on row 2 left: this morning's coffee process. i'm holding the container from my new blade grinder, which i actually prefer to the old burr grinder, which gave out and was very labor intensive. this is an ethiopian bean, ground just right for my moka pot and roasted a few days ago to a medium roast. it will be served (to mikela) with hot soy milk, with a touch of baking soda added to prevent a chemical reaction which makes the soy milk thicken. 

so now that i've revealed sure signs of OCD,  lets get to work!