looking back: the national gallery through my eyes/continued prep for larger parade series paintings / by Philip Tarlow

3:27PM update: after screwing in the improvised supports, i stretched the linen. i'm not yet fully set up for larger canvases, so it was a bit of a struggle & i strained my back a little, but i got it done. there were some wrinkles, and i can't work on a surface that's not perfectly flat, so i wet the back, as you can see below left, which causes the linen to shrink as it dries. so now, except for two of the corners, there are no apparent wrinkles. and i'll take care of those minor ones tomorrow. below right, i'm completing a portion of the drawing. 

i had wanted to stretch a second canvas, 48x48" today, but i didn't have time, and now i'm cooked. so i'll continue in the morning, when i might actually be able to start painting......

it's been snowing all day. adding to our precious snow pack. good for the farmers of the valley, good for everyone. i had wanted to write more about the national gallery paintings i posted below. maybe tonight, at the house.

screwing improvised supports into the back of the stretcher bars before stretching the linen

1:57PM update: i didn't want to wait till next week for the cross braces i ordered to arrive, so i improvised, using lattice to create support on the back corners of the 60x60" stretcher bars, so that when i stretch the linen, the stretchers bars will remain square and not warp. i hope. we'll see in about an hour, once i've stretched the linen. stay tuned.

i'm getting a very late start on this snowy friday. had to change some dr. appointments in denver, which took forever. so as soon as i meditate and make some breakfast (it's already noon) i'll get busy with preparations for the larger paintings. 

in the mean time,


the photos below were shot at the national gallery, on a trip to wash. D.C. seven or eight years ago. have a look at these very different paintings.  what they have in common is that they were all singled out and photographed by me and so, in some sense are a reflection of my sensibility and vision. i'll say more about them a bit later in the day.