1/3/14 tweaks / by Philip Tarlow

2:21PM update: so i did tweak the painting.....more than expected. the revised version is on rows 1 & 2, yesterday's version on row 3. compare them. can you identify the areas that were re-worked?  did the painting as a whole benefit? did i do too much? your observations & comments are welcome. just hit comment on the bottom of the page.

i also revisited the 48x24" collage: something. the current (left) and previous stages are on row 4. it's a form of play i indulge in when those little brushes start to feel too precious.

11 AM: little tweaks to a painting that may or may not be resolved can make a very big difference. while part of me loves to do a small painting like this in one sitting, sometimes that just doesn't work. so, after looking at the painting hanging in the house alongside it's brothers and sisters, i brought it back to my studio this morning and may make a few small changes or additions. here's how it looks right now. if i do end up working on it, i'll post the changes as soon as they are complete.