continuing work on parade 22; a collage from a year ago & thoughts on music / by Philip Tarlow

STAGE 6: parade 22  32x32"  oil on portrait linen

3:25PM update: so here's stage 6 of parade 22. that's it for today. it was a pretty productive day. i'm going to wait till tomorrow morning to put what may be the final touches on this painting. what i plan is, once the bottom half i worked on today has had a chance to dry overnight, i'll go over it with a very thin wash of color to darken and grey it out a bit more, and make it read more like a reflection, so that it's less in competition with the upper portion. until then, have a good night.

1:51PM UPDATE: this is stage 5 of parade 22. i think i may work for another hour before stopping and continuing preparations for the next 3 or 4 in these  larger versions of the parade series. the lower portion i worked on today, which is all a reflection in the glass divider, allowed me to be immersed in the spirit of the great vuillard. you can see what i mean in the detail on the right.

i was very inspired by today's music selections. scroll down to read about them.

1/17/14 collage 29x12cm. mixed media on archival paper

in the alamosa hanger yesterday, where we met to plan classes for high school kids on how to use the tools they have at the airport to make stufff

i'm about to meditate and then continue work on parade 22. i couldn't work on it yesterday since we had to leave early for alamosa. we had good meetings, one of which took place in an airplane hanger; i'll post pics later.

this is a collage on paper i made almost exactly a year ago. looking back on this rather extensive series, i must say i'm impressed. i haven't counted, but there are at least 100. it was during this period that i was intensely interested in 10th-11th c. chinese calligraphy. you can view them under the dropdown menu "works," and then "recent collages." i should really organize a show.

by the way, i'm currently selling my iphone 5-C, 32GB & in excellent condition on eBay. if you are interested in bidding, here's the link, just copy & paste into your browser. right now the bidding is at $15.50, but obviously it will go up in the 6 remaining days. whatever the final bid is, it will be a bargain, since it was very lightly used.

updates in a few hours.....




john lee hooker

12:01PM update: today is JOHN LEE HOOKER DAY!! look him up, listen to his sound, check him out. his sound NEVER gets old. it's always NOW! every artist's vision!  BOOM BOOMand so many more. the beetles, the stones....many singers & groups were deeply influenced by his sound.

12:32PM: not only is it JOHN LEE HOOKER day! it's also Johnny JOHNNY CASH DAY!! have you heard him singing to the prisoners at folsom prison? do it right now! 

huddie ledbetter (leadbelly) & his wife

not only that, but it's LEADBELLY DAY!!! the mother and father of them all. the source. if it wasn't for LOMAX, we'd never know his brilliance. GO right now and listen to his music and his 12 string guitar. do it NOW!! your soul will move and squirm and get so so happy. that's right my friends, fucking happy!