preparing for parade 21 & my new capacity to digitize old 35mm slides / by Philip Tarlow

2:29PM update: cutting the freshly printed image and preparing to trace the drawing. 2nd row right: an Artfix sample book of the Artfix L64U linen, with some test brushstrokes showing the extreme sensitivity of this exceptional, quadruple primed linen. i had been using the lighter weight L84U for the 16x16" canvases, but i needed a heavier weight for the larger versions. the sensitivity of the surface is the same however.

this full transparency of my process by the way, is something i've dreamed of having available, for example, in vermeer's work. while it's not something lots of artists do, i firmly believe in revealing all stages of the process.


below is the image, shot at MOMA in 2008, i'll be drawing from for the next parade series painting, #21. this will be the last of the 16x16" format works in this series, as i transition into the larger format versions. within a week, i'll have dates for my next solo show at gremillion & co. fine art in houston, which i'll post as soon as i have them. i'll begin the drawing for parade 21 in an hour; pics to follow.

the quality is not the best, but i just tried out a new converter, which will allow me to convert all my old 35mm slides. below are the first 4 samples. click to make full screen, mouse over to view details.