parade 20 on the wall, preparing for 21& for larger versions / by Philip Tarlow

1:55PM update: while having my eggs this morning, i was re-visiting tao: the chinese philosophy of time and change, by rawson & legeza, published by thames & hudson in 1973. once again, i was impressed at the importance of sexuality in this ancient culture. our culture, by comparison, is totally repressed!  it's also enlightening to read about the ching; one of a trilogy of forces. the other two are the ch'i and the shen. in art, the ching provided the aesthetic impulse, the motive power of artistic inspiration. more about this at another time.

parade 20 hanging in the entryway of our house in brilliant winter sunlight

from the 1/12/15 issue of the new yorker

i'm getting ready to go to the studio and select an image to work from for parade 21, possibly the final in the 16x16" format.

as well,  i may begin my selection process for the images i draw from , and cut the 5.5 yard x84" L64U artfix portrait linen into a couple of sizes that utilize the canvas most efficiently, in preparation for starting the larger pieces.

as the pieces for this next stage of the parade series begin falling into place, we've had parallel progress in the development of our educational startup product, actionlab360. don't search for it online; it's tightly under wraps until it's closer to launch, but i can say this much: it's a very comprehensive and brilliantly designed, layered platform that introduces project based learning into all subject areas for high schools and middle schools, with many applications outside the educational arena. in our preliminary testing of the product, students and teachers alike have shown great enthusiasm. stay tuned, and as soon as i have more news i can share, you'll see it here first.