parade 20 drawing transfer and contemplating tsarouchis / by Philip Tarlow

2:48PM UPDATE:  i transferred the drawing of the new parade 20 image to the canvas, and should be able to start painting tomorrow morning. just got off the phone with an old friend i haven't spoken to in years: ny sculptor john duff. he's having a pop up show on canal st. in march, and mikela & i will try to make it.

we've got to go to a pot luck dinner/meeting of the baca land trust, whose board i sit on, so i'm leaving the studio early today.

transferring the drawing for parade 20 to the canvas

yannis tsarouchis  mavrokefalou cafė  1973  oil on linen

as most of you know, tsarouchis was my friend and mentor during the years i lived and painted in greece. i've spent many hours in his studio watching him work, asking questions. the painting we see above was painted in paris during the 1967-1974 dictatorship, when many greek artists left athens for paris and other european destinations. my ex wife and my son dimitri also left to live in paris, where we spent time with tsarouchis and other greeks in self-exile.

it's time for my meditation, and i'll say more about this painting later. the photo was shot from a book, so it's twice removed from the original, which is in the tsarouchis foundation collection in athens. it's one of the works i've selected for the 2016 athens school exhibition i'm co-curating, taking place at the melbourne hellenic museum. i'll talk later about why i chose it.

1:25PM update: read this great article on play: