ca. 1980 tarlow painting in coll. of david hockney / by Philip Tarlow

this morning while doing a preliminary search of transparencies mikela had organized into boxes this past fall, i came upon this slide of a painting, ca. 1980, made when I was living in santa monica. at the time this painting was made, painter ron kitaj and i were house sitting for david at his house in the hollywood hills, while he was traveling. i photographed myself photographing his pool from the deck and made a painting of it, which david later purchased. i have no tools for digitizing slides, so for now we'll have to put up with this rather poor quality photo of the slide placed on a light box.

i'm going to try and get some work done today....more later.

11:50AM update: i still haven't meditated, but a quick glance at some of the slides in the box i spoke of that mikela organized convinced me i've got to get a decent slide scanner asap to begin digitizing this wealth of images and putting them on this site. it's crazy to left out, for example, the work from my nyc fischbach gallery years!! lots of beautiful paintings! within 10 days, you'll start seeing them on the site. now for my meditation...

2:39PM UPDATE: i've chosen a different image for my next parade painting. i plan on doing the drawing tomorrow. in the mean time, i've ordered the materials i'll need for the much awaited larger versions, as well as the device for scanning and digitizing the slides i spoke of. should arrive tuesday.

 gotta run to the p.o.