a poem about edward hopper by my friend, wendy wilder larsen / by Philip Tarlow

wendy is a dear friend of 35 years. we've had many adventures together in new york city and greece. below is a poem on the great american painter, one of my heroes, edward hopper. wendy sent it to me recently, and mikela and i were so moved by it, i decided to post it on this blog. if you're familiar with hopper's work, i think you'll find she is spot on in her deceptively simple imagery and sparseness.

 click on wendy's photo for a link to the eco-poetry site, where you can learn more about her. she has a rare eye for painting & photography, and going with her to a museum or gallery is always a rewarding experience, as we each dip into our lifetime rolodex of images and compare notes, make discoveries and have fun.

                                EDWARD  HOPPER’S  DRAWINGS



space open

a woman there



more people

lonely buildings



and still windows

still see through


to geometry 

study for sun in an empty room, 1952

to something

something helps


a woman undressing

a man in a bar

an usherette


pretend I




his charcoals

and washes

render it true


in the end

he took everything

out of the room



sunlight on a wall

enough for two


wendy wilder larsen  oct 30  2013



below is the completed drawing for parade 20. i'm still evaluating if this is the image i want to use.

drawing for parade 20