homework / by Philip Tarlow

today, a cold, snowy day, i'm confined to our house for a second day because of the flu. my "homework" so far has been to complete work on a document to be sent to the director of the melbourne, australia hellenic museum. the doc is a draft of a letter, to be used when meeting with potential funders of our 2016 exhibition, the athens school. the show will include myself and 3 other representative artists from the '60's-'70's in athens who had in common our passion for painting the ordinary, the everyday.

in composing this document, i was inspired to re-visit a book i have of the work of yannis tsarouchis, another of the 4 artists in the exhibition. yannis was a world class artist and set designer who, amongst other things, created unforgettable sets and costumes for the great opera diva, maria callas. i was very fortunate to have had him as a friend and mentor. my vision, with this planned exhibition is to make our work available to a larger audience. the exhibition will open at the hellenic museum in melbourne, and we plan for the show to travel to 2 U.S., 2 european and 2 australian cities if, as we envision, we can create the necessary funding.

the 1945 tsarouchis portrait on the right, heavily influenced by the 1st & 2nd c. faiyoum portraits,is an example of just how great a painter he was, but he was much more than that: a great set designer, a philosopher, translator and producer of ancient greek plays......

click on the description beneath the portrait on the right to go to the tsarouchis web site.

my old friend henry geldzahler, during the period when he was curator of 20th c. art at the metropolitan museum in NYC, offered him a major show at the then brand new p.s.1. tsarouchis declined. my hope is that the missed opportunity for the american public to be exposed to his work will be fulfilled with the athens school exhibition.