out in the cold / by Philip Tarlow

7:06PM update: a miracle! mikela and i had a simultaneous flash of knowing. knowing that if i were to go over to the studio, the water heater would begin working when i turned it on. she suggested i do the aspirin process. more about that tomorrow. it worked on the first try. assuming it continues to work all night, i should be able to get back to work tomorrow,

3:27PM update: not enough sleep, feeling lousy, upset i can't work in my studio, surrendered to watching green bay & broncos (we hope) win! well, green bay won; now lets see what the broncos can do.

this morning when i entered my studio it was freezing. i thought it was a thermostat issue, until i went up to check the on demand heater installed by our friend michael a few years ago. it was a recurring issue, where i get an error message and when i try and re-boot it, it won't ignite. i gave up after the 5th or 6th try and i have a message in to michael. in the mean time, it's impossible to work there, so i'm at the house catching up on writing projects i'd probably never get done if it weren't for this. still, i'm pissed. i was preparing the drawing for my next parade painting and had to stop.