1/1/15 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! / by Philip Tarlow

6:24 PM update: sunset this afternoon looking east from our living room, towards crestone peak

2:20 PM update: this is as far as i can take it today, guys. i have a lot more compassion for those who don't have sufficient heat on a cold day like this! My studio interior has gradually climbed to 65F, but my head & feet are still freezing, and i'm amazed i was able to do as much as i did. 

This is an intriguing one. the prone, resting figures on MOMA's floor and benches are eerie looking. the red jacket provides a welcome accent amongst the grey-blue haze created by the glass partition one is looking through in this section of the painting. eventually, this will be offset by the relative clarity and brightness of the figures on the left of the diagonal divide. this could create a bach fugue or jazz-like counterpoint, hinting at the great hidden treasures of modern art hanging serenely just steps away from these figures. so i'm going to clean up, try and make sure the thermostat is set properly and go back to our warm house...perhaps an epsom salt bath....

in greece, my former mother-in-law and great painter niki karagatsi used to say that what one does on the first of the year sets the tone for the entire rest of the year. she and i would always make sure we worked in our respective studios for at least part of the day. and now, as one of my committee of angels, she helps guide my process, along with the rest of the crew. bless you, niki karagatsi.

painting while wearing a neck warmer, hat & polartec jacket

11:36AM update: the thermostat in my studio along with my on-demand water heater is relatively new. this is it's first winter & it's been working beautifully, but it's been so cold out, i decided yesterday to boost the temp a degree. but i forgot how the thermostat works, can't find the manual, and when i came in this morning, it was 55F, which was the "unoccupied" setting. so i fooled around with it & i think maybe i got it right.....anyway, here's what i'm wearing to paint. the heating is radiant, and it takes at least a full 24 hours for the cement slab to heat back up, so..........

we're getting more snow today; a great way to start off the new year by adding to our snow pack. while continuing to plot and plan the logistics of making larger versions of the 16x16" parade series, i'll be working on parade 18 as well as trying to figure out the impossible UN intuitive iMovie 10 so i can download the footage we shot on our last trip the the edwards, co. middle school, where we're testing out actionlab360. 

on the right, mr. john, a watercolor ca. 1974. my studio was in the plaka district of athens. when i looked out my studio window, directly in front of me was the tower of the winds, a water clock from the roman era which i painted many times, in all imaginable lights. when i looked directly down, i saw mr. john (o kyrios yannis), an elderly, very polite fellow who would park my car every morning when i arrived from our apartment in kolonaki. i was both touched and amused by the empty chair with the adjacent cat, indicating he had gotten up to park or retrieve a car, next to the one on the right, occupied by mr. john. if you look at yesterday's post, you'll notice a hopper painting. i feel that his spirit, which is a particularly american take on the french nabis portrayals of everyday subjects, is part of who i am as an artist, along with the characteristic view from above. this is now emerging strongly in my parade series of paintings, bringing me full circle and allowing me the indescribable pleasure of going deeper into my aesthetic and artistic identity.

pics of the next stage of parade 18 when available...