9/30/14 "best left unsaid 6" 16x16 / by Philip Tarlow

if you scroll down to yesterday's post, you will see the painting on the right, best left unsaid 5. it was created using only black and white paint, with a touch of umber/ochre. today i created the version on the left, using oil colors as well as colored pencil.

the imagery, as i have explained in earlier posts, derives from a series of photos i took of a parade in downtown athens from a second story balcony in 2009.

i think they're interesting together, and when hung in a grouping, along with the earlier versions of this series, they form a kind of visual symphony.

the topic i addressed in my 9/7 post, on finished vs unfinished is very much in play here, showing that your eye and your sensibility are the lens; the history of art your palette. your eye taps into your databank of a lifetime of stored images and fills in the blanks, eventually realizing there are no blanks! rather, there is pregnant space, evocative of meaning. painterliness IS meaning. YOU reconstruct reality from this series of suggestive marks, whether they be in color or black & white. does the color version generate a different feeling than the b&w?