9/28/14 glimmerings of first freeze & birth of a new painting / by Philip Tarlow

the wind was howling all night and when we awoke the 14k mountain peaks had running dark clouds shrouding them. the air was colder than it's been and the forecast calls for temps hovering around freezing tomorrow night; our first freeze. 

yaktoberfest, at yak n'cracker, which we attended last night with friends, had wind & rain, at times heavy.

nonetheless, live music happened, dancing happened and yak burgers, delicious local beer and hats made from yak wool were being sold. two young yaks were available for petting. the crestone/baca crowd were there in large numbers, oblivious to the rain. two large fires in metal barrels with decorative patterns punched into the sides were burning and conversations were held in the acrid smoke, blended with the distinctive aroma of lit joints. a conversation on painting and the yiddish language ensued over tea at our friend's crestone home. it was a fun evening.

my meditation is about to happen, followed by the early stages of a new 16x16 best left unsaid series painting. scroll down to earlier posts for an explanation.

12:36 pm:

whilst eating a delicious breakfast of eggs, gruèyre & avocado on prussian rye toast, i was perusing the catalogue from the 2012 picasso black & white show at the guggenheim, which we were fortunate to have seen.

it gave me an idea: to paint the next 16x16" best left unsaid painting in two versions: b&w and color. above, the image i'll be using for these 2 paintings, taken from photos i shot from a 2nd story balcony of a parade on skoufa street in october, 2009. b&w version left; color, right. scroll down for thoughts on color vs b&w.

the idea excites me, so now i'll start preparing the drawings. 













1:19 pm:

click on the writings of wittgenstein, below to make them full screen & readable. what's your take on this? comments about the meaning of wittgenstein's observations by picasso black & white catalogue author carmen giménez are on row 2.