9/27/14 new collage: vitali, 12x12", successful meetings on our trip / by Philip Tarlow

2 pm: made this new collage this morning, named after the bay of the same name visible in the map of andros in the upper right. the space in this one is interesting. very architectural. it will gain a lot from the right frame, so i'm going to look for one.

as i've talked about in previous posts, these collages happen in the white heat of the moment. increasingly, i'm learning to let my hands and gut do the work and let my head take a back seat. i feel more at home on this scale than with the larger collages on canvas, and have more fun playing with the space. the blue of the sea from the maps of andros dimitri sent me are playing a leading role in the most recent 4 or 5 collages.

over the past 3 days, our meetings with 2 schools in the vail and glenwood springs areas of colorado went well, and it looks like we'll be traveling to those schools and working with teachers there, introducing project based learning using our actionlab360 platform.

i'm just back in my studio, ready to dive into work. more later today. i should be able to go out to the creek to paint plein air starting tomorrow. today is out day to walk up the trail.

11:15am just made some revisions and additions to my story page. click on story, to the right to visit this page.