9/21/14 progress on "best left unsaid 4" / by Philip Tarlow

1:28pm: notice the collaged cutout piece of a paper palette adjacent to the figure on upper right.

3:30pm: the earlier state with detail is on row 2, right & 3; the current state on row 1 and row 2, left.The light and the colors are more accurate in the photos of the earlier state. it's coded over and a light rain has commenced, which affected the camera;a capacity to reproduce the actual colors.

we're having friends to dinner, and i'll bring this over to the house to see what comments it elicits. finished.....or unfinished? (scroll down to my 9/7 post to read my thoughts on the subject.)

the image derives from a series of shots i took while cuducting research with the students at dust (denver school of science & technology) around our educational product, actionlab360. the school has a cool open plan, and students and teachers can be seen form an upper floor casual hangout area by looking over the railing.