9/20/14 "kendall dreaming" 12x12" new collage and "best left unsaid 4" -stage 1 / by Philip Tarlow

if you read yesterday's post, you know mikela requested that i do a morning "warm-up" collage every day to help her get un-stuck in the work she's doing on our startup: actionlab360. it worked for us both yesterday & today; she got unstuck when she felt the energy of me doing a collage first thing in the morning, and i got to make 2 new collages on paper, which i hadn't done in a while, as i'd been focusing on larger collages on canvas and on the new best left unsaid series.

so now i'm launching into the early phase of best left unsaid 4. like the previous b.l.u. 3, it will be oil, 16x16" on portrait linen. i'll post the first image later today. i'm in an interesting state today, which i would describe as philip dreaming. the dreaming refers to the australian aboriginal dreamtime.

by the way, if you're following my favorites page, i try to add to it daily, as i did this morning. i also updated a few images on the ceramics page.

3:45pm: a mysterious beginning  i began work on best left unsaid 4, but didn't start the actual painting until mid afternoon, due to the time it took to transfer the drawing to the canvas. once again, i love how mysterious and curiously "finished" it seems, (see my 9/7/14 post on this topic) through the lens of our 21st c. perspective. on row 2, the painting in it's current state with a detail to the right, and row 3 shows all 4 paintings in this series hanging on my studio wall. 

it has clouded over and there's an afternoon thunderstorm in the mountains just above us. too dark to continue work, with sporadic loud claps of thunder and increasing wind gusts. this presages a shift in the unusually warm pattern we've been in for more than a week, with temps about 10 degrees F above normal, causing allergy season to drag on uncomfortably.