9-19-14 "bulgari octo bi-retro brazil" 12x12 / by Philip Tarlow

i began my work-play day with a collage on paper. i haven't done one of these in a while. mikela and i are always in sync, and she was feeling stuck in the work she's doing for our actionlab360 startup educational product. so i said "what if i start my day with a collage on paper instead of the best left unsaid series?" it required a more focused, linear mindset, which she had been picking up on. well, it worked. she got past her stuck-ness and i created a new collage. 

the names derives from the watch image in the mid-lower portion. it's cut from a financial times article on watches celebrating brazil's world cup. the outlined figures on the left are from the photo i took of a parade in athens and the map is of the cycladic island of andros. i lived on andros with my first wife & son, made many paintings of the people & landscape, which you can find under the greece drop down menu.