9/18/14 prep for new "best left unsaid" paintings / by Philip Tarlow

today is one of those days when i just have to deal with all the logistics involved in laying the groundwork for this new series of paintings. the underlying theme is images seen from above, as well as the finished-unfinished topic i spoke of in my 9/7 blog post. scroll down to read it.

this morning i found some photos shot 10 years ago in MOMA. an example is below, left. others will be severely cropped images from the parade photos i took from a balcony above skoufa gallery in athens. an example is below, right.

foreshortening is in my DNA. so when i see, for example, a tiepolo, such as the detail on row 2, i get very excited.

second row, right: i guide my 3 year old grandson philip, who uses a brush for the first time. photo taken in athens, greece, 2009, by mikela tarlow.

more soon....gotta stretch canvas. i'm going to continue my abstracted-creek-collage series simultaneously. am i meshugge? yes, i am. go to recent works under the works drop down menu to view these collages, or simply click on recent works on the right. the collages and the best left unsaid series inform each other and cross pollinate. it's all about space and freedom of gesture.

3:25pm  row 3- preparing to stretch the first 3 of 8 16x16" portrait linen canvases. 

4pm: first 3 stretched, have to leave for a meeting. i'll stretch the rest in the morning and prepare the first drawing so i can begin best left unsaid 4 tomorrow afternoon or saturday morning. i'm missing making the collages, so i'm going to try to start a new one in the next few days.

below, 3rd row right: the ne corner of my studio, with best left unsaid 1, 2 and 3 next to the recent collage, chance encounter II, 48x24".