9/14/14 b corp event in denver & "best left unsaid" continued / by Philip Tarlow

just back from denver last night, where we attended a b corp event. b corps are a new type of company that use the power of business to solve social & environmental problems. as of today, there are over 1000 b corps.

the event was very exciting; we listened to 3 speakers/b corp members talk about their experiences and field questions and then, at the catered reception, met great people, some of whom we knew from the past. we learned a lot we hadn't known about the organization. it's very unusual at a large, well-attended business event to feel you have a vital connection to every single person in the room!

it's worth your time to explore this rapidly growing movement. check it out at:  bcorporation.net.

afterwards at the reception there was a short performance by an extraordinary cellist as well. we were deeply moved by his playing, and talked with him about possibly bringing him to crestone to perform. our experience at this stellar event made us want more than ever to apply for b corp membership once we've reached that stage in our startup, actionlab360. 

actionlab360 is an educational product designed for high schools and middle schools, that brings project based learning into every subject area and gives students more choice in how they go about learning. it was initially funded by national geographic, and mikela and i have been developing it for over 6 years. right now we're an LLC, and will be ready to apply for b corp membership in about 18 months. you won't find us online, as we're keeping a low profile until our product is launched. we'll be piloting actionlab360 in a number of colorado high schools next semester.

best left unsaid at 3:30 pm today

today i'm continuing work on best left unsaid 2, a 16x16" canvas and part of a series. i'll post images of it's progress later in the day.

you can view the early stages of this painting and learn my thoughts on "unfinished" on my 9/7 post.