9-10-14 moving to the 16x16" "best left unsaid" series / by Philip Tarlow

i'm now launching into the series of smaller satellite canvases of best left unsaid. the mother image, on row 3, will have a sister painting, same size, but with larger imagery, floating off the edges. these 16x16" pieces will playfully morph the theme until it is barely recognizable. i don't yet know what that really means, what it looks like. if i did, what's the fun in that?

on the right, row 2, i transfer the drawing to the 16x16" canvas using white wax-free transfer paper. the canvas i'm using for the series is artfix fine portrait linen #L64U with 4 coats of universal primer. expensive but worth it. killer linen, imported from france by my friend pierre guidetti, of savoir faire. thank you pierre!

in the end, the original 32x32" painting may end up looking like something from the distant past, which we gaze upon with nostalgia and a touch of sadness and awe. now if these f------allergies would just go away! it's been almost a month and the ragweed is off the charts. unusual for our dry high desert climate, but we won't say no to all the moisture that created it.

2:30pm bottom row right=current state

3:30pm  top row: current state of the painting