8/4/14 after art aspen......... / by Philip Tarlow

we drove over independence pass on saturday to attend the annual art aspen event. it's always refreshing to see what's going on in the galleries. predictably, there was a lot that was gimmicky and slick, but there was also some very good work. it's hard to find examples of the painterly, which is always what i look for and what touches me.

we were fortunate to be present at one of the finest talks on collecting we've ever heard, by the well known collector and photographer lester marks (a photo i shot at his talk is below, row 3.) the bottom line for him is to always go with what moves you and not what you think might be a good investment. he qualified that by stressing the importance of doing you homework...researching the artist whose work you want to purchase, his or her history, etc. his talk was peppered with humor and his timing was what every stand up comic strives for: impeccable.

we visited the new home of the aspen museum, which is a huge step up from their previous location. stunning architecture, wonderful spaces and an elevator that is extremely well integrated into the overall look and feel of the building. 

i'm always a bit disoriented when we return from a trip, whether it's a day or a month. so this morning i wandered about my studio aimlessly, until i decided to have another go at hot sunday, 48x24," which i've been working on since july 23rd. today's version is on the left, the most recent on the right. scroll down to see earlier versions. this latest iteration is closer to some discoveries i made while painting my most recent plein air pieces, such as the two on the second row, below. both are 16x16", oil on linen, painted in early june at an active arroyo nearby.