8/22-3/14 lassia, 50x50" / by Philip Tarlow

8/22/14: lassia is one of the three ancient greek names for the cycladic island which is now andros. the bit of blue on the bottom is a snippet of a map of andros i had requested my son dimitri send me.

my life long passion for rocks, which began in birchwoods, (see my story page) continued on andros, where the characteristic blueschist rock formations, also found on tinos and syros have been used to construct walls, pigeon towers and, as we see below, chimneys. this is one of the sources for my evolving alphabet of forms. the photo is from a book just published my former wife marina karagatsi, with photos of andros shot in the '70's.

8/23/14:turned the canvas upside down for a fresh perspective & did a bit more work today, after temporarily turning chance encounter II into a  riff on vermeer's painting the studio, 2nd row left. scroll down to my 8/16-23/14 post for more.

late afternoon: the vermeer riff was fun but not where i'm at, so i painted over it, which was even MORE fun! so now it looks like what you see on row 2, right. so if you see this painting one day in an exhibition, you'll know exactly where that blue in the lower center came from.