8-20-14 finally, back to north crestone creek / by Philip Tarlow

8/21/14: yesterday at about 4, mikela and i set off for the north crestone creek trail. i haven't been able to paint plein air since the start of the bug season in mid-june. there is no describing my joy at being back at my beloved creek with brushes and easel. now that the spring runoff, which was strong this year, has subsided and is no longer hiding the rocks, conditions were ideal.

look at the photo (2nd row right), of the creek i took yesterday & you can get a sense of what a gift it is to be there, undisturbed for as long as it takes to complete the painting. 2nd row right, if you look carefully you'll see i had to improvise & use a clipboard with a sheet of paper , as i forgot my paper palette block.

i'll be going as frequently as possible from now on and will keep you updated.