8/19-20/14 chance encounter I 32x32" revisedx2 / by Philip Tarlow

this morning i went to the post office and found the 2 andros maps i had asked my son dimitri to send. i immediately began cutting them up, and a segment of one has found it's home in the upper left corner of chance encounter I.

8/20/14 another re-work of chance encounter I. 

slowly slowly, as they would say in greece (siga-siga/σιγα-σιγα) a "language" is evolving. an alphabet of signs that are a distillation of my particular gestures in response to a particular visual stimulus: how i move my body, arm, wrist...my signature shapes in response to the layers of visceral reactions i have when painting the creek-scape in the flesh. check out the details on the 2nd row, right to see what i mean when i talk about an alphabet. and look at the 11/11/13 plein air painting of north crestone creek, 1st row right to see one of the sources for this evolving language.

... "An artist must possess Nature. ... efforts that will prepare the mastery which will later enable him to express himself in his own language."  henri matisse

after almost 6 weeks during which i was prevented from painting the creek plein air by our bug season, it looks like today may be the day.