7/28/14: the met, day one, gouache on paper, 15x5.75" / by Philip Tarlow

i can't say how many times i have photographed the interior of the met on a sunny day from above....i guess it's called the mezzanine, from that passageway where drawings are often on exhibit.

the light falling on the columns, the figures, the floor contrasted with the rich greens of central park as seen through the floor to ceiling, enormous window, is absolutely stunning.

i have always dreamed of making a large painting of this particular view of my favorite museum in the world. so this is a beginning. call it a study. but i do love working on this scale, like a byzantine monk painting a portable icon. there's something about it that moves my soul.  oh, the pleasure! years and years of working in greece in gouache, watercolor and egg tempera have provided the grounding that allows me to work effortlessly on a piece such as this, and delight in every brush stroke.

i can't wait till tomorrow, when i'll resume.

click on the image for a more detailed, full page view.