7/25/14 maarssen interior, gouache on paper, 13.75x4.5" / by Philip Tarlow

gotta run...more about this later...

7/26/14: i'm starting a new series of gouaches, all of interiors. i painted interiors almost uniquely for about a 10 year period, most of which were sold by gremillion fine arts in houston. returning to them now, at the same time i'm creating the abstract collages, is interesting because i find, as a result of the whole body movements and calligraphic brush strokes i make when executing the collages, my marks are looser and more gestural.

maarssen interior is representative of a large series of gouaches and oils i painted, all inspired by the magnificent interiors in the home of my old friends gary & loekie schwartz. maarssen is about 20-30 minutes from amsterdam, on the river vecht, below right. gary is an acclaimed art historian who has written extensively about rembrandt and is the founder of CODART, the International Council of Curators of Dutch and Flemish Art