7/20/14 shifting gears; a re-organized studio and a new collage/painting / by Philip Tarlow

after yesterdays warmup, i stretched a 48x24" canvas and started a new piece, hot sunday, 48x24"

mikela has been working tirelessly to re-organize my studio so that the space is maximized and everything has it's place: slides, photos (thousands); materials; tools; paper i accumulate & use for my collages, including maps, old notes, etc.; drawing books; stretcher bars and the list goes on. a monumental task, still in process, but we can see the light. below center: the space as it looks today and on the right, a photo taken a year ago. just as an example, notice how the sw corner, on the right, has opened up, and how the two tables on wheels now form part of the u she created.

the new u-shaped work space mikela created instilled in me a feeling of renewal, as reflected in the freshness of this piece. can't yet tell whether or not i'll leave it as is or do more.

it's very interesting to go back and forth between the small, more realist gouaches i've been working on for the past few weeks, and these looser, abstracted creek-scales. i think i may continue switching it up, keeping myself off balance and allowing a fresh perspective.