7/1/14: a series of paintings in gouache on paper: ongoing / by Philip Tarlow

a series of paintings in gouache on paper of greek island life. this is an updated version of the genre of work i did during the 15 years i lived and exhibited in greece, and is representative of the athens school movement i was part of, which will be the subject of a 4 person exhibition i am co-curating, opening september, 2015 at the hellenic museum in melbourne, australia.

7/5/14: i'm currently working on this series, and plan on doing a total of about twelve. i'll update this post daily until the series is complete. while completing today's "under the plane tree," i was listening to a 1970 david frost interview with maria callas on youtube: highly recommended. followed by her 1959 hamburg concert.

7/5/14: after completing under the plane tree, i began piso yialia  (3rd row right) which i'll continue work on tomorrow. this is a beach i know so well , i can smell the sea and vegetation as i paint, feel the delicious sea on my skin. it's drawn from photos i took years ago on andros, when yialia was still untouched and entire families would come down from the village of stenies, set up makeshift tents, bring food & spend the entire day. now.....don't even ask. oy.

7/6/14: today i finished work on piso yialia (lower right), which completes this first round of paintings of greek island life in gouache on paper. i plan on returning now to the collage/paintings, and will continue this series in a week or two. it's very invigorating to make such a deep and sudden shift in my work, and then go back to the collage/painting series. i like it.