6-30-14 meteora, 9.5x12" re-visiting watercolor; an old love / by Philip Tarlow

it's been a while since i painted in watercolor, a medium i used often in greece. this one is part of the series i'm creating for skoufa gallery, myconos. it incorporates the looser, more calligraphic style of painting emerging from my collage series and from the 11th c. chinese calligraphy i've been studying.

the one-stroke-and-it's-over quality of watercolor bears obvious parallels to the immediacy of calligraphy, where the artist's "signature" dominates, with overtones of the zen approach to painting.

below right, my work table with a notebook full of calligraphic studies. in the background, maxwell k. hearn's book how to read chinese paintings, which is open to the section on my beloved huang tingjian.