6/3/14 some new collages and plein air paintings / by Philip Tarlow

i began the 2014 series of plein air paintings on may 20th and will continue going out every afternoon until bug season begins, probably in a week or so. below are the paintings i've made so far, which are not in chronological order. 

we discovered an active arroyo (due to the significant snow pack this year & resulting runoff) adjacent to the home of new friends. so until it inevitably dries up, i'm working on the arroyo series. when it does, i'll return to n. crestone creek. mikela often accompanies me and works on our educational project in this idyllic setting while i paint. (see the photo below).

on may 31st i had a strong collage day, creating the three you see below. in some of the new plein air paintings above, it's easy to see how the collages have affected the plein air paintings, and vice versa.