6-28-14 agora I & II-gouache on bristol paper 9x12" / by Philip Tarlow

i'm creating a series of small intimist gouaches: SIG's i'm calling them, for the new skoufa gallery which just opened on myconos. skoufa gallery in athens has represented my work for years; the last solo show i had there was in 2010.

they are based on photos, many pre-digital, shot on greek islands, and are allowing me to bring the discoveries and gestural freedom i've been making in my recent collages on paper and canvas (check out yesterday's blog-post)  into small paintings reminiscent of the work i did during the athens school period. go to the media page to learn about the athens school. in a nutshell, our work at that time was centered on the beauty of the every day, as exemplified by the great vuillard, who, it could be said, along with bonnard, invented the intimist movement in the early 20th c.

agora 1, created on 6/28/14 is on the first row, agora II, created today, 6/29 is on row 2.