6/22/14 el bufón stage 8 + a new one: congo 12x10" / by Philip Tarlow

yesterday afternoon, after a depressing day thinking everything i've done ever is complete bullshit, mikela came over & gave me some invaluable feedback regarding the composition. i made a subtle but important shift this morning and i think this resolves the piece. today's version is on the left, yesterday's on the right below. the shift i made is easier seen when you click on the image & make it full page, & is located just above & to the left of the rock-like shape next to the pink on the lower right. basically, those two black squiggles were eliminated, allowing the eye to move more freely  over the image and integrating top & bottom more successfully.

below is a new collage, congo, 10x12". mikela was in the studio editing focus group interviews we conducted at dust (denver school of science & technology) last month. the sound of the videos kept my mind engaged long enough to allow the emergence of this one, and, most important, allowed me to quit while i was still ahead, at a point where i normally might have plunged ahead, thinking i hadn't "done enough."