5/27/14: a gaggle of collages / by Philip Tarlow

5/27/14: yesterday i made a new collage: miami (1st row left). in the morning, i did some warm-up watercolors based upon my north crestone creek plein air series, which i then cut up and used in miami. one of these is just to the right of miami on the 1st row.


then i went back into two other recent collages and made changes. 360 north was beautiful but too weighted on the left, with the orange component drawing the eye to the detriment of the whole composition. i feel it improved a lot, and is a far more complex, layered piece as a result.

big bang was an interesting challenge of a different kind. it was an experiment. in september, i'll be showing a selection of these collages at lewis diamonds and timepieces in houston, texas. the owner is a friend and client of one of the sale staff at gremillion & co. fine art, a gallery representing me in houston for over 20 years.

since i have included watch imagery in at least 40 of my new collages, we decided to show a selection in the store, accompanied by a talk i'll give relating the process of creating a fine watch to the process of creating a painting.

last week, i decided to try an experiment & create a collage that was brand and model specific; in this case swiss watchmaker, hublot's big bang, a limited edition piece sold only in houston and dallas, texas. 

the first version, 3rd row right, was far too heavy handed, taking the iconic brand's visible screws and repeating them in various colors and sizes throughout the piece. i then went back into it yesterday, putting my focus back on the simplicity, balance and integrity of the piece rather than showcasing the brand, and i think it worked.