4/8/14 revisions: glashutte, paradise valley, gria cape collages / by Philip Tarlow

TOP ROW: paradise valley  10.25x11 in.

2nd ROW: gria cape 14x13 in.

3rd ROW: glashutte 12x19.5 in.

i chose, rather than starting a new piece, to work on these 3, which i felt were incomplete. as a result, i feel all 3 have become richer & more complex in a good way, as opposed to busy. as you will discover, all three have been turned 180 degrees.

in each case, the space is now activated and punctuated by discreet visual events which lead the eye through the collage and suggest enigmatic biomorphic forms. color is a part of this, as well as the introduction, in  paradise valley and glashutte, of cut out, deconstructed calligraphic marks from my warm up sketch book, leaving some of the pages with scissor created slashes & holes. see the example in the 4th row.