4/6/14 new collage and 2 revisions / by Philip Tarlow

more about the new collage on canvas, weehawken, & the 2 revisions soon; gotta go take some photos.

later: OK, so on the 2nd row are the before & after photos of gria cape and on the 3rd row, the before & after  of glashutte. while gria cape got simpler & less cluttered, glashutte gained elements that enlivened a composition which, while it was very contemplative, was approaching the red line for BORING! It's not hard to see that I was working on these two at the same time i was creating the new 38x38" piece, weehawken. this new collage is very much in line with the direction the recent larger pieces have been taking: an underlying base note of riffs on huang's calligraphic marks on top of which collaged deconstructed drawings based on my north crestone creek paintings dance with map elements. in this case maps of the cycladic island of andros and a portion of the state of new jersey, which happens to include weehawken. i chose that as the title because the sound of that word reminds me of the energy of this collage, which brings to mind late dekooning as well as archille gorky.