4/4/14 new collage: petragathi cape 14.5x18 in. +images of the process / by Philip Tarlow

today i documented the stages of my process of creating a new collage on paper. if you click on the upper left image in the grid of 9, you can then right click on the arrow to scroll through. mousing over any image will reveal text on the bottom.

the title once again derives from a location on the map of andros, greecelocated in the lower central portion of the collage. the red curvy line in the upper left and the green mark below it were added after waiting a few hours and not looking at the piece. 

then i took it by surprise, casting a quick glance which let me know where it needed something to activate the space & make it pop.

and now, back to yesterday's stivari, which i just now glanced at & found it wanting breathing space...