4/14/14 mesathouri: stages 1 & 2 12.25x12.25"/31x31 cm. / by Philip Tarlow

after a few days away, i got back to work yesterday. i created this new collage, which i completed today. i let stage 1 sit for a few hours, after which i found it incoherent, so i dove back in, introducing 2 elements from a reproduction of a 16th c. indian bundi period painting. as well, i made a drawing in red and blue colored pencil based again on my plein air paintings. the space opened and breathed, and a new and unforeseen reality emerged which i find aesthetically very satisfying. will i ever learn not to be attached to certain elements of a collage for reasons other than those that serve the whole?

i've been spending time each day preparing images of paintings of the 4 artists representing the athens school, myself being one, who will be included in the exhibition at the hellenic museum in melbourne in september, 2015. i'll be sending these images to the museum director, john t., as we go back and forth in our early stage preparations for the show. seeing these paintings again is having as profound effect on me. i don't know where it will lead, but i'm beginning to feel the energy of a new series of paintings in my more realist mode. 

i'll share this group of paintings by: yiannis tsarouchis, niki karagatsi, yiorgos manousakis and myself, with you once i've adjusted the images. i'll likely create a new page on the site for them. they are not by any means all going to be part of the show, but they do give a feel for what it is that unites us as artists. i'd like to include you in this 17 month journey.