3/31/14 yesterday's collage revised, plus 2 other revisions / by Philip Tarlow

zorkos bay, yesterday's collage which is on the left, was much too busy. so i re-engaged with it this morning and spent most of the day making changes.  it's hard to really get a sense of these pieces from an online image, so i included a larger image plus a detail on the second row. if you make them full screen, you'll at least get some sense of what they're like in person.

alphabet soup,  first row center was originally created on 3/17. this morning i was reviewing recent collages and found two that needed work. if you scroll down to my 3/17 blog, you'll see the early stages of this piece.

w. 108th , first row right, was created on 3/26 and was also too busy. scroll down to my 3/26 blog to see the early stages.

during my lunch break i was looking at ellsworth kelly: works on paper, published on the occasion of his 1987 traveling show. here's a quote that struck me:

i work from drawings and sometimes collage; the drawing comes first and then the collage later because it's easier to think about color that way. i usually let them lie around for a long time. i have to get to really like it. and then when i do the painting i have to get to like that too. sometimes i stay with the sketch, sometimes i follow the original idea exactly if the idea is solved. but most of the time there have to be adjustments during the painting. through the painting of it i find the color and i work the form and play with it and it adjusts itself. (bold type mine) this quote comes from an interview kelly did with my dear old friend, the late henry geldzahler in 1964.

what a perfect way to talk about the process! perfect.