3/17/14 2 new collages and some exciting news / by Philip Tarlow

in the first row of images below are the 3 stages of development of alphabet soup, a collage which measures 37.3x39.7 cm. in the second row are 2 stages of punta arenas, 26.3x28.3 cm.

if you look at my recent blogs, there is a clear progression, with increasingly more white space and a developing language of forms, marks and signs which are a shorthand emerging over at least a decade, for rocks, branches and water. recent collages have also included riffs on 11th c. calligrapher huang tingjian's expressive gestures, as well as snippets of watch and anime images. the wavy marks in the horizontal snippet in the mid-right quadrant of punta arenas are from an early rothko painting.

yesterday the director of the hellenic museum and i had a phone conversation during which we decided to go ahead with an exhibition which we will co-curate. it will look at the "athens school," of artists active in the '60's and '70's, of which i was a member. a date for the show will be determined in the next week, and will likely be early 2015.

read the article about me published feb. 1st in a melbourne newspaper, which you can find in the menu bar on the left. that article is what led to my connecting with the hellenic museum and the conception of the show.

more as things develop.