2/20/14 2 new collages, 2 preliminary studies / by Philip Tarlow

on the left, carrera, which refers to the tag heuer watch you will see in the upper right quadrant of the collage. on the right,  calligraphic warm-up exercise based upon the calligraphy of an 11th century artist. both have elements of the preliminary sketches on the bottom row, which were later cut up and used as elements in these collages. 

in carrera, on the lower right, you will find a portion of a world map showing the viscount melville sound. for me, anything containing the name melville puts a smile on my face. moby dick is my favorite book, which is always by my bed, as is the odyssey. i have a copy with homeric greek on one sid elf the page and modern greek on the other. i can read and understand the modern and from that figure out the homeric, which is far more elegant and poetic as a language.

below are preliminary sketches made this morning. both were cut up and used in the above collages.