2/16/14 2 new collages / by Philip Tarlow

the title of the collage on the left, chopard l.u.c., derives from the watch of the same name, which i saw in an article sent to me by my friend louis in houston. 

the marks in the two are becoming more and more coherent; more and more of an alphabet, coming out of decades of drawing and in particular, painting north crestone creek in fall, spring and summer, watching how the water interacts with the rocks as it rushes downhill, sweeping unsuspecting stray branches with it and depositing them willy nilly amongst the proudly serene rocks. 

the other source of inspiration for these marks is the magnificent calligraphy of huang tingjian, 11th century poet, calligrapher and chan (zen) buddhist adept. huang acknowledges his indebtedness to "mad monk" huaisu, ca. 735 ?-800. i would love to have known him.