12/8/14 stage 1: parade 16 / by Philip Tarlow

3:14pm update:  so this is the current state of parade 16. we're off to take our stupa walk & i'll continue work on this painting sunday morning. interesting for the movement of brush on linen to be literally suspended. i'll try & blog from vail.

got a late start this morning due to a failed baratza encore burr grinder. they say if you're doing a relatively fine grind, as i do for our moka pot, it gunks up the burr grinder, which will eventually fail. so it did!

i began parade 16, as you can see below, and will resume once i've had a bite. the helicopter suspended dramatically over the stairs is, as anticipated, a lot of fun to paint, and will give the figures below an interesting perspective. i'll do as much as possible before stopping early to prepare for our travel. i have a touch of O.C.D. when it comes to travel. i think many artists do; it comes in handy when executing a painting like this one.