12/7/14 parade 16 kickoff & a few historical photos / by Philip Tarlow

put the finishing touches on the drawing for parade 16 first thing this morning. after my meditation, i'll begin transferring it to the canvas. my plan is to begin archiving these drawings for later use in making the 6x6' versions by projecting them onto the larger canvases.

this morning the reality of our educational product, actionlab360, hit me stronger than ever. investments are in process and i can feel how close we are. we leave tuesday for vail, where we'll continue our pilot with middle school kids & teachers.

more once i've transferred the drawing and will begin the painting, hopefully this afternoon.

3:03 update: it was optimistic to think i could begin the painting today, but i did complete the transfer of the drawing to the canvas, below right, so i can begin painting first thing tomorrow.

on row 2: a photo of me shot in the '80's and one of me at 9 months in my mom liz's lap.