12/6/14 the next parade painting? / by Philip Tarlow

2:21pm update: so i think i'm going with the one on the left, with the helicopter in the upper left. one of the reasons i chose this one is because i think it will scale really well to 6x6 ft. so it's kind of an experiment and a challenge. we'll be in vail & denver this week,and i'm ordering the materials i'll need to start making the larger versions of this series. so i should be able to get started on the first one before the end of the month. VERY exciting! i can't wait to see how i'm going to translate the very intimist, vuillard-esque brush strokes of the 16x16" canvases to the much larger scale. hey, vuillard was able to do it. his large works have all the sensitivity and intimacy of his smaller works. so i've got a role model........on the second row down, the vuillard on the left: the window overlooking the woods, oil on canvas, measures 8 feet 2 inches by 12 feet 7 inches and on the right: the mumps, oil on board, measures just 9.5 inches x 8 inches !!!

i haven't decided between these two. in the meantime, my good friend harwood sent me the photo below, which i see as a large format painting. i think it's stunning.